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With a focus on Hybrid Cloud and the Cognitive Era it is critical that we are prepared to respond to client needs for this new era of computing. Traditional storage infrastructures can no longer keep up with the increasing demands of these workloads. They are driving huge growth in data volumes, at an unprecedented pace and clients are seeking solutions to help them cost-optimize current storage environments and exploit new opportunities.

The Storage Solutions Top Gun (SSTG) class will provide you with the necessary skills to have effective, value oriented conversations with your clients about IBM's storage solutions.

To be successful as a Storage Seller, you will need to:

  • Understand IBM Storage solution offerings to maximize your opportunities for Hybrid Cloud and Cognitive workloads
  • Learn how IBM’s storage solutions can help your clients manage oceans of data and get the most from their storage resources
  • Describe how our storage solutions are built with agility, efficiency and are optimized for automation and performance, while reducing overall cost
  • Understand how to position our storage solutions competitively

Here are some quotes from previous Storage Top Gun classes:

"Excellent class. This should be mandatory for every SDSS."
"This is an excellent resource to become a storage seller."
"Excellent presenters, relevant information, excellent interaction with a solid group dynamic."
"Great coverage of Spectrum Suite."
"One of the best classes I have attended."

Through a combination of content presentations and interactive exercises the SSTG class will help you achieve success by arming you with these skills.



IBM Storage Solutions Top Gun is a 4.5 day class.



The audience for this class is:

  • All IBM and Business Partner sellers with at least 6 months experience in IBM Storage products and solutions
  • Experienced IBM and Business Partner sellers needing an IBM Storage knowledge refresh
  • New hire Storage Sales Specialists in their first 6 - 12 months
  • Anyone else selling or supporting the sales of IBM Storage solutions



The objective for this class is to build the seller's core solution selling and business value-selling skills with regard to IBM Software Defined Storage, by providing an understanding of:

  1. IBM Storage strategy and solutions for Hybrid Cloud and the Cognitive workloads
  2. The Storage Marketplace trends and directions in this new era of computing
  3. How to position our Storage solutions versus key competitors in the marketplace

Upon completion of the course, the seller should be able to identify, validate, qualify, propose, and win IBM Storage opportunities.

In addition, the course will help sellers prepare for IBM Storage sales certification.



There are several prerequisite activities for this class, as follows:

  1. You should have a fundamental working knowledge of storage concepts and technologies. This prerequisite knowledge may be acquired through experience or through the IBM Top Gun Virtual Learning: Storage Fundamentals virtual class, available here:  TGVL:Storage Fundamentals
  2. You should have a basic understanding of the IBM Storage portfolio.  Please review the IBM System Storage Product Guide available here:  IBM Storage Product Guide
  1. There will be prerequisite IBM storage product based web lectures. Links will be supplied prior to class.
  2. Be prepared to discuss your real Client opportunities (no need to mention names if sensitive) - ones that you have identified as prospects.  You will have an opportunity to discuss them with your colleagues through team exercises and workshops.

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