IBM® Systems Director VMControl™ Enterprise Edition utilizes a workload-optimized approach to decrease infrastructure costs and improve service levels. A system pool is a group of virtualized system components (servers, storage and network) that are managed as a single entity, and VMControl Enterprise Edition allows you to manage system pools with the simplicity of managing a single system, which is an essential capability for moving to cloud computing and a dynamic infrastructure.

VMControl Enterprise Edition provides simplified virtualization management, which enables faster problem-solving, a higher return on investment and rapid responses to changing business goals and strategies. IBM Systems Director and VMControl Enterprise Edition work together to help you more effectively utilize your virtual environment. VMControl Enterprise Edition helps you to create and modify system pools using AIX and Linux on Power virtual workloads, make dynamic virtual workload adjustments and move workloads within system pools, resulting in an optimized virtual environment with increased resilience to cope with planned or unplanned downtime.



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VMControl Enterprise Edition requires IBM Systems Director version 6.3. If the product is installed on an older version of IBM Systems Director, you will be prompted to perform an upgrade before accessing full functionality. Consult the Installation and User's Guide (PDF, 5.07MB) for full plug-in requirements.

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The latest version of Systems Director VMControl Standard Edition is available for download via this site. Take advantage of the trial opportunity to see for yourself how this solution will enable you to manage virtualized workloads, including system pools. This includes the ability to dynamically configure virtual images and move virtual images around within system pools, providing optimal efficiency and increased resilience. For continued use of IBM Systems Director VMControl functions beyond the trial period, the offering must be purchased.

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