IBM® Systems Director Network Control provides integration of server, storage, and network management for virtualization across multiple platforms. Leveraging existing IBM Systems Director functionality and the integration of vendor applications, Network Control can manage, monitor, and configure vendor-based network devices.
Network Control can help protect your IT investment through its open design and support for industry standards, enabling heterogeneous physical and virtual management with support for multiple platforms and operating systems.

By utilizing network management capabilities, along with existing server and storage management capabilities, you can effectively control your computing environment with a single integrated management tool while reducing your cost of computing.



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Network Control is included with IBM Systems Director Editions, or available separately as a plug-in option for IBM Systems Director. IBM Systems Director Network Control V1.3 requires IBM Systems Director version 6.3. If you attempt to install this product on an older version of IBM Systems Director, it will not install and you will have to perform an upgrade before accessing this functionality. Consult the Installation and User's Guide (PDF, 1.45MB) for full plug-in requirements.

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The latest version of Network Control is available for download via this site. Take advantage of the trial opportunity to see for yourself how this solution will enable you to simplify and automate network management tasks while providing a single unified view of your server, storage and network devices. For continued use of IBM Systems Director Network Control functions beyond the trial period, the offering must be purchased.

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