The management server is the system on which IBM® Systems Director Server is installed. It provides a central point of control for aggregating and managing discovered systems.

IBM Systems Director 6.3.5

IBM Systems Director Server 6.3.5 is the latest release of IBM Systems Director, and is available for Windows®, AIX®, Linux® on x86, Linux on Power Systems, and Linux on System z.

Note: To download IBM Systems Director 6.3.5 management server, you must install a previous version of IBM Systems Director 6.3.2 management server and then use the IBM Systems Director update manager to update the IBM Systems Director management server to version 6.3.5.

Beginning with IBM Systems Director 6.3, the following plug-ins are packaged and installed with the installation of IBM Systems Director management server: Active Energy Manager, Service and Support Manager, VMControl.

  • show/hideCompatibility considerations

    There are compatibility considerations for IBM Systems Director Server 6.3.x and its supported plug-ins. See the plug-ins download page for details on the compatibility requirements for each plug-in.

  • - Pre-installation and sizing tools

    Use the following resources to assist you before you install, and to help you with sizing, scaling, and performance tuning for IBM Systems Director 6.3.x:


Note: This version may contain security vulnerabilities and is made available for the sole purpose of facilitating your installation of, and migration to, release 6.3.5 or later (the “Purpose”). Notwithstanding any license that may accompany this version, IBM grants you a restricted license to use this version solely for the Purpose. You will not use this version for any other purpose. If you use this release for anything other than the Purpose, it is provided AS IS, without warranties of any kind, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and you assume all risk associated with such use. After installing this version, you must immediately upgrade to release 6.3.5 or later.

There are two types of download packages available for you to use to install IBM Systems Director Server:

Server installation Release date Operating systems
Jun 2013 AIX, Linux on Power Systems
Jun 2013 Linux for IBM x86, Windows
Note: For System z, IBM Systems Director Server 6.3.x is available in the IBM Systems Director Standard Edition for Linux on System z package only. See the Software Announcement for Standard Edition for Linux on System z.

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