IBM® System Director's open design point and support for industry standards helps management vendors offer customers comprehensive systems management solutions that work together in a seamless, complementary fashion. The result is more choice and more capability from a consistent, single interface.

Upward integration modules

IBM Systems Director upward integration modules (UIMs) and management packs enable your workgroup and enterprise-management products to interpret and display data that is provided by Common Agents and Platform Agents. These modules provide enhancements to the enterprise-management products that you can use to collect inventory data, view IBM Systems Director event notifications, and for some UIMs, distribute IBM Systems Director software packages.

IBM Systems Director enables you to make the most of your existing enterprise management structure by upwardly integrating with these management software solutions:

Partner plug-ins

In addition to IBM plug-ins, IBM Systems Director plug-ins developed by partners are also available for customers who want to do more and do it from a familiar, consistent, single point of management - the IBM Systems Director interface. These tools complement IBM Systems Director's capabilities and provide more choice on how best to tackle the challenge of managing IT assets.

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