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IBM FlashSystem 840

Data Center optimized to deliver extreme performance,
flexible capacity, and total system protection

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Don’t get left behind.
See how IBM FlashSystem puts
you ahead of the competition.

Discover the real value of Flash
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IBM FlashSystem provides greater reliability, availability & serviceability

High availability and a fully redundant architecture
for the most demanding data centers

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Leading technology including non-disruptive maintenance, front loading hot-swappable modules, and multiple layers of RAID to boost data availability and productivity.

Enterprises will gain faster access
to data for decision-making while IT teams can better allocate resources
to business-driven tasks.

A leader in heart health science boasted 5x faster database backup and restore activities.1

Gain insight into FlashSystem reliability
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Handle massive amounts of data

while removing bottlenecks and increasing productivity

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IBM FlashSystem has over 1 M IOPS, 8GB/sec bandwidth, 16Gb Fibre Channel, 40 Gb InfiniBand and 10 Gb Fibre Channel over Ethernet.

Quicker access to more data at
once, and costs on physical hardware are reduced.

Leverage data with all-flash storage without changing your data center to open up new business opportunities
in ways that weren't possible until now.

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Microseconds crush milliseconds

Reach customers faster and gain business insights quicker
while reducing operational costs

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IBM MicroLatency means reducing response times from 4.5 milliseconds to 500 microseconds.2 Enterprises can create a better, faster customer experience - and IT teams can be more productive.

Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated (CCBCC) cut latency by 40 percent.

Accelerate applications and
maximize CPU utilization.

See how CCBCC reduced latency
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IBM FlashSystem is optimized

for efficient performance – from physical capacity
to energy consumption

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It carries a 2U form factor
and minimal footprint while maintaining low energy requirements.

Reductions in
Application Processing Time: 98%3
TCO: 50%3
Physical Footprint: 97%4
Power Consumption: 95%4
Speed to deployment: 4.8x5

Understand real-time compression for data reduction
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Don’t let the competition pass you by

The IBM FlashSystem 840 - the first step to a
performance optimized data architecture

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1 "LifeSciences Leader Speeds Performance with IBM FlashSystem.
Unleashes Your Storage Performance," July 31st, 2013.
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2 "Real World Perspectives:
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3 Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG (SSB) puts reliable public transport no the fast track with IBM and SAP:
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