IBM Z – Trusted, Innovative, Disruptive

Businesses today are facing unprecedented challenges. Disruption is the new norm: Companies appear out of nowhere with completely different business models and shake up whole industries. How do you prepare, survive and become a disruptor?

For many businesses large and small and across all industries, the IBM Z platform is the proven and trusted centerpiece of IT. It drives core business, manages and protects important data, and supports the foundations of digital business. It’s the tried and true technology force behind much of the world’s economy. But it’s also an exceptionally modern platform: supporting Linux, Docker, Apache Spark, and open source software; it’s open, secure and highly connectable; and it’s infinitely scalable and flexible to support and process the volume, variety, and veracity of data today.

2017 Technology Briefings

Thank you for attending one of our briefings to learn how IBM Z is not only the right platform for businesses today, but also how it can transform your business for tomorrow.

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Latest events
Date Location
6 Sept Toronto, Canada
19 Sept Chicago, IL
20 Sept Detroit, MI
3 Oct Philadelphia, PA
5 Oct Atlanta, GA
10 Oct Dallas, TX
18 Oct Washington DC
24 Oct Columbus, OH

Event highlights

With many new capabilities specifically targeted at incorporating the highest levels of security, enhancing integration with cloud platforms, and delivering richer data and insight, the IBM z14 is uniquely positioned as a world-class solution for business. This seminar will reinforce the following IBM Z key messages.

IBM Z in general – and IBM z14 in particular – are:

Cost-effective, exceptionally powerful, highly reliable and always available enterprise platforms

The most secure platforms for business data

Fully open and connected for agile integration with mobile and cloud computing platforms

Superior platforms for delivering insightful machine learning for real-time advantage

Intended audience

This briefing is designed for large and mid-sized IBM Z customers including: