System z technology briefings

Event overview

System z: The ultimate server platform

To be world-class, a smarter planet solution must have the ultimate server platform at its core – that is why the leading global businesses today are based on System z. As companies and countries progress through the 21st century, the continued need to centralize processes and data becomes paramount for maximum efficiency, responsiveness, flexibility, reliability and security.

There is growing excitement about the System z mainframe, especially in light of its revolutionary “system of systems” capability. The August, 2012 announcement of the IBM zEnterprise EC12 extended IBM's System z leadership as the best-of-breed platform for hosting modern, innovative, and successful applications. With the July, 2013 announcement of the IBM zEnterprise BC12, there is a complementary business class system for companies of all sizes. zEnterprise gives customers a unique opportunity to optimize their data centers, improve overall efficiencies, and reduce IT costs.

zEnterprise is keenly focused on the requirements of today's core business workloads, because it provides:


This full-day briefing starts with an introduction of the new zBC12 for business class customers and the zEC12 for enterprise class customers, continues then with a discussion of zEnterprise as an ideal platform for business-critical information workloads (Module 1). This module looks more closely at data processing workloads, and examines how zEnterprise is a unique platform for workload optimization, efficiencies, and cost reduction. Module 2 covers how zEnterprise is now a complete centralized hub for business analytics,and how the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator can increase analytical query speeds by 10x-1000x. Module 3 covers advances in application life-cycle management through modern and efficient mainframe development tools, including mainframe tools for developing mobile applications, solving the purported ‘skills shortage.’ Following a lunch break, in Module 4 we dive into how customers can reduce acquisition and labor costs for secure private cloud computing using zEnterprise. We also discuss why System z provides an unparalleled platform for workload consolidation. Module 5 will use a short case study involving a mysterious security event, and show how zEnterprise’s security capabilities solve that mystery, providing the highest level of protection for processes, applications and data. You will see how zEnterprise fits into the wider security monitoring blueprint for your enterprise. In Modules 6 and 7, we finish the day with an in-depth comparative study of the advantages of zEnterprise over Intel-based distributed servers, and look at TCO examples from real customer experiences gathered by our IBM Eagle TCO team.

The briefing is designed to appeal to IT customers for large and mid-sized organizations in both developing and developed markets. The modules will use real-world examples and live demonstrations to clearly address the topics discussed.