z Systems technology briefings

Event overview

IBM z Systems – More Potential than Ever

Companies today are facing unprecedented challenges from competitors that are entering their industry with new business models. To address these threats they need to build on the foundations of the digital era by becoming a cognitive business. Enterprises worldwide are realizing how profoundly infrastructure matters when facing these challenges and sustaining business growth.

For C-Suite executives, technology choices are the most important factor affecting whether a business excels. Choosing technology that provides scope, scale and speed positions businesses to transform new data into new value; to integrate with systems across the full hybrid ecosystem; and to provide secure, consistent, predictable and leading-edge products and services. In other words, to become cognitive.

The IBM z Systems platform drives core business, manages and protects important data, and supports the foundations of digital business. It is the proven and trusted centerpiece of IT. Join us for this briefing to discover how the latest z Systems models extend beyond the physical boundaries of the data center to encompass a hybrid cloud model. This seminar is designed for z Systems installed customers, large and mid-sized, in both developing and developed markets.

Event highlights

With many new capabilities specifically targeted at enhancing integration with a hybrid cloud platform, delivering richer data and insight, and incorporating the highest levels of service and predictability, the IBM z13 and the new IBM z13s are uniquely positioned as world-class systems for cognitive business. This briefing will reinforce the four key messages that IBM z Systems servers are:

Designed to fully embrace cognitive and hybrid cloud computing models

Fully enhanced for agile integration with the mobile world and the API economy

Built to deliver superior platforms to deliver insightful analysis for real-time advantage

Cost-effective, highly predictable and always available enterprise platforms


Through the results of our lab-based, hands-on research, presented by IBM engineers, attendees will discover how IBM z Systems address real world business challenges and improve economics while handling the demands of a cognitive business. Live demonstrations are included.

Duration Solution topics
45 minutes Redefining boundaries for digital and cognitive business
45 minutes IBM z Systems – Dependable solutions for a competitive edge
15 minutes Break
45 minutes Panel discussion: Knowledge and experience sharing
60 minutes Lunch Break
45 minutes Agile integration with the API economy
15 minutes Break
45 minutes Transforming data into immediate advantage
45 minutes Cost-effective operations that deliver superior service
15 minutes Summary and next steps

This briefing is Track 1 of the IBM z Systems Technology Summit.