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System z – The Engines of Progress

Mainframes still power much of the world’s critical information technology, and their use continues to grow – in all markets and all industries. In the 50th anniversary year of the first IBM mainframe, this enduring and proven technology continues to innovate and capture more of the world’s electronic automation with even more economical price-points. While other ‘distributed’ platforms try to catch up, IBM continues to add even more capability to the mainframe. System z is the gold standard of Enterprise Computing.

The IBM Enterprise Linux Server provides some of the most compelling technology in the industry today. Its core capabilities – super fast, high performing processors; exceptional, easily-managed virtualization; superior scalability, elasticity, and reliability; and ultimate security – are essential today, as the demand for innovative IT solutions continues to grow. It’s integrated combination of industry leading server and virtualization technologies provide a simple, efficient and trusted infrastructure foundation for businesses with growing Linux workloads.

Join us for two distinct briefings. Come and be amazed at how IBM’s most innovative, world-class computing platform – IBM zEnterprise – is more relevant than ever in dealing with the current demands being placed on IT in organizations of all sizes, all industries, and in all geographies.

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The Gold Standard for Enterprise Computing

The IBM Enterprise Linux Server – A Solution to your IT Challenges


Through the results of our lab-based, hands-on research, presented by IBM subject matter experts, attendees will discover how IBM zEnterprise technology addresses real world business challenges and improves economics while handling the demands of new and emerging workloads. Live demonstrations are included.

2014 Technology Briefings

The System z briefings are now completed. Thank you for attending. Stay tuned for our 2015 events!

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