Building Data Infrastructures for Cloud, Analytics, and Cognitive with IBM Spectrum Storage

The world is dealing with ever-expanding oceans of data. This flood of new data is the fuel of cognitive business. Whether it is structured or unstructured, and no matter who creates it or where it is stored, the idea of a data center has changed with hybrid cloud. Mining these vast quantities of data to uncover critical patterns and pursue breakthrough ideas is fundamental to becoming a cognitive business.

IBM Storage solutions enable the data infrastructure to efficiently capture, deliver, manage and protect data with superior performance and economics. Optimizing data storage with IBM allows your business to access the right data at the right time, providing the data foundation to propel your organization into the cognitive era with confidence.

2016 Technology Briefings

Join us for one of our upcoming briefings to learn how to build data infrastructures for Cloud, Analytics, and Cognitive with IBM Spectrum Storage.

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Date Location
20 September Cape Town, South Africa
22 September Johannesburg, South Africa
11 October Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam *
13 October Manila, Philippines *
08 November Jakarta, Indonesia
10 November Bangkok, Thailand

  * Joint event with IBM Power Systems focussed on Big Data & Analytics

Completed events
Date Location
10 February Riga, Latvia
23 February Lima Peru
08 March Riyadh, Saudia Arabia
12 May Istanbul, Turkey
14 June Guatemala City, Guatemala
20 June Quito, Ecuador
15 September Vilnius, Lithuania *

Event highlights

IBM Spectrum Storage is uniquely positioned to address the current and future storage needs of your business by:


Presented by IBM engineers and experts, each briefing will reveal the results of our lab-based, hands-on research. Using these results, combined with live demonstrations, we will show you how IBM Software Defined Storage solutions and Storage Systems efficiently capture, deliver, manage and protect data with superior performance and economics.
Duration Solution Topics
20 minutes Software-defined storage -Where do I start?
50 minutes Increase IT efficiency by balancing cost and performance
30 minutes Provision your infrastructure with extreme performance and flexibility of a hybrid cloud deployment
15 minutes Break
30 minutes Unify NAS and object storage while automatically moving infrequently accessed data to less expensive media - lowering costs while retaining ease of use
30 minutes Delivering unprecedent savings and agility for file, object and HDFS clusters, clouds and analytics
30 minutes Adopt object based storage into your data center
05 minutes Closing

Intended audience

This briefing is designed especially for: