IBM Cluster systems

Drive performance while reducing energy and space with integrated cluster solutions

IBM offers two families of cluster systems and a full portfolio of software to optimize performance and manageability.

  • IBM Power Systems high performance computing systems are comprised of IBM POWER6 and IBM POWER7 symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) servers and Blue Gene, running AIX or Linux. Power Systems HPC servers are highly scalable cluster solutions for large-scale computational simulation and modeling in petroleum reservoir modeling, life science applications, weather forecasting/modeling, and financial services sectors. These systems are also leveraged for large database, business intelligence applications and cost-effective datacenter, server and workload consolidation. Power cluster systems can be deployed on Ethernet or InfiniBand networks and managed with xCAT and/or IBM Systems Director in order to streamline deployment and reduce the cost and complexity of system management. The IBM high performance computing software stack provides additional software products to effectively leverage clustered systems.

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