IBM Cluster systems

Drive performance while reducing energy and space with integrated cluster solutions

Today's computing infrastructure requires information technology solutions that can meet your ever-increasing demands with high reliability and ease of management. In addition, you want solutions that offer the scalability to grow with your business and the flexibility to rapidly develop and deploy new services, all at a reasonable cost with energy efficiency. For many, clustered systems are the answer. Clustering is the practice of connecting multiple processors or servers using a high-speed interconnect such as InfiniBand™ to cooperate on complex workloads as a single, unified computing resource.

Clustering has been the driving force behind many of the world's most powerful scientific supercomputers for many years and is now being used increasingly as a cost-effective way to provide high-performance, high availability computing for a wide variety of commercial workloads such as business intelligence, engineering design, financial analysis, digital media and petroleum exploration.

A clustered system offers many valuable benefits to a modern high performance computing infrastructure including:

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