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IBM offers a flexible approach to cloud. Where you start your journey depends on your business needs. The idea is to strike a balance between being equipped to achieve short-term goals, and being prepared to take advantage of future opportunities. As business challenges are placing more and more pressure on IT infrastructures, enterprises are looking to cloud computing to deliver IT services. With IBM, you can apply the transformative power of cloud computing to reinvent the way you do business. IBM cloud solutions can help you:

Build efficient IT infrastructure 
Streamline, simplify and drive down costs by building a more efficient IT infrastructure

Improve speed and dexterity
Deliver new offerings and services more rapidly through new models of self-service and deployment

Deliver IT without boundaries
Enable new IT and business processes that break down traditional silos and simplify access to information in order to deliver better business outcomes

Explore how IBM solutions can help you transition to Cloud
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  • IBM SmartCloud Entry demo

    Watch video demonstrating how our entry private cloud offering is simple to deploy and easy to use

Integrate: build efficient IT infrastructure

Start by building a virtualization foundation, where you put the secure, scalable and efficient systems in place on which to build a cloud

Automate: improve speed and dexterity

Achieve increased productivity and faster time to market with entry cloud solutions-private cloud offerings that are affordable and easy to deploy

IBM SmartCloud Entry:

Orchestrate: deliver IT without boundaries

Deploy advanced cloud functionality—including full lifecycle management, automated provisioning, metering and more

System Networking

IBM System Networking offers a wide portfolio of smarter, faster, virtual, easy to manage, standards-based enterprise networking solutions, including Ethernet, Fibre Channel and FCoE providing high-performance, converged networking solutions for cloud.

Industry solutions

IBM provides cloud solutions tailored to your specific industry needs.