IBM PureFlex System

Simplify your infrastructure through integration.
Automate and optimize your workloads with integrated expertise and efficient design.


IBM PureFlex System
Pre-configured, pre-integrated infrastructure

The PureFlex System is an integrated infrastructure solution available in three configurations, with x86 or POWER processor-based compute nodes that can be further customized with additional options to meet your precise IT infrastructure needs.

As an integrated infrastructure solution, the PureFlex System combines compute, storage, networking, virtualization and management into a single infrastructure system.

The PureFlex System is expert at sensing and anticipating resource needs to optimize your infrastructure and includes integrated patterns of expertise designed to automate and optimize the deployment and maintenance of your workloads.

Reduce complexity and free up IT experts from managing sprawling infrastructures while improving application reliability with PureFlex Express.

Includes POWER or x86 compute nodes, Ethernet, Fibre Channel switches and one integrated storage node with a one year software maintenance agreement.

Reduce the costs to support business applications like CRM and ERP while providing the flexibility to meet new business demands with PureFlex Standard.

Includes POWER or x86 compute nodes, an Ethernet switch, two Fibre Channel switches, and one integrated storage node with a three year software maintenance agreement.

Reduce IT operational expense and deploy new services and applications more quickly with a cloud-ready infrastructure with PureFlex Enterprise.

Includes POWER or x86 compute nodes, two Ethernet switches, two Fibre Channel switches, and an integrated storage node with a three year software maintenance agreement.

Open Choice: Customize your PureFlex System

Open Choice gives customers the ability to configure their PureFlex System with a wide variety of elements from IBM and their partners. Choices in critical areas such as architecture, storage, operating systems, hypervisors and networking allow systems to be optimized and tuned to the enterprise.

Spotlight on IBM PureFlex System

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IBM PureFlex System

Learn how the latest enhancements to PureFlex improve your workloads.

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IBM PureFlex System

Integrated solution for greater business value.

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Success story

Tracewell Systems offers IBM PureFlex capabilities beyond the back office.

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Success story

Databalance is as a leader in cloud hosting services with innovative solutions from IBM.

The community speaks

"IBM PureSystems deliver faster time to value—which our customers perceive as a shorter path to their ultimate goal: actionable insight. We are proud to be certified on PureFlex with POWER7+ technology and see the PureSystems line as an innovative step forward in enterprise technology delivery."

- Ken Rosen, Vice-President, Marketing, Chiliad, Inc.

There are many more voices describing the benefits of IBM PureFlex System and IBM Flex System.

"The SAP application portfolio is open to capitalize on the reliability and scalability of a heterogeneous POWER & x86 infrastructure. IBM's PureFlex System will enable our clients to tune their server and storage infrastructures, matching the various SAP workloads onto an optimized system. It promises to be a new way of simplifying the deployment and management of enterprise applications."

- Sethu M, Deputy CTO, Head of Product Architecture and Technology Strategy, SAP

"The IBM PureFlex System brings another level of choice and flexibility for IBM’s and Red Hat’s customers bringing together the POWER7 and x86 architectures into a platform architecture that enables broad scale deployment of IT solutions for small and medium enterprises all the way up to the largest enterprise and mission critical computing workloads"

- Jim Totton, VP & GM, Platform Business Unit, Red Hat

"For Infor10 ERP Enterprise (LN) on AIX the virtual appliance for the IBM PureFlex System will allow consolidation and reduced deployment cost balanced with optimized system allocation and performance."

- Daan Snijders, Vice President Development Infor10 ERP Enterprise (LN), Infor

"Vision Solutions is excited about IBM’s PureFlex Systems as it represents a breakthrough in computing platforms. Our customers will benefit from simplified deployment of a high availability solution to protect their most critical applications all from a unified system leveraging a single interface."

- Bob Johnson, Vision Solutions, Executive VP Sales & Marketing, Vision Solutions

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