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IBM® BladeCenter® is a highly integrated system consisting of blade servers, storage, management and networking options designed to reduce management complexity and improve performance and energy-efficiency while helping to manage costs.

With a flexible, open ecosystem of blade server products, IBM BladeCenter is the right choice when you:

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Your branch office, remote location, or retail store depends on IT solutions as much as every other part of your company. You need reliable, flexible servers and storage to support these locations, but these solutions must work with limited IT support outside of a data center environment.

The IBM BladeCenter S chassis, specifically designed for everyday offices and distributed remote branches, is a sophisticated all-in-one IT solution that integrates servers, SAN storage, switching, and management into a single consolidated platform ideal for these environments. Using standard office power and incorporating noise dampening and dust filters, the BladeCenter S is simple to operate and can reside deskside in your office, without an expensive raised-floor data center.

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Telecommunications companies must address unique reliability and regulatory demands with their IT infrastructure. You need IT solutions that support specialized power capabilities and comply with key industry standards to meet these challenges.

With AC and DC power supply options, ruggedized construction and compliance with the rigorous NEBS-3-ETSI standards, the BladeCenter HT chassis is designed to support demanding next-generation network (NGN) applications for telecom, military, medical, government and industrial deployments. In addition, the design of the BladeCenter HT chassis offers extraordinary density, supporting up to 12 blade servers per chassis - reducing network infrastructure costs while increasing network infrastructure performance and flexibility.

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Your business runs on data. You collect more of it every day. You demand more insight from it every day. To get the most out of your data, you need a dynamic and scalable infrastructure that helps you respond quickly to changing business demands.

The IBM BladeCenter HX5 offers unparalleled value for your high-end processing needs. Delivering unprecedented compute performance, memory footprint and I/O bandwidth helps enable maximum utilization in a blade form factor for compute- and memory-intensive enterprise workloads.

The HX5 features:

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