IBM BladeCenter® Open Fabric includes InfiniBand switch modules and adapters for BladeCenter systems that provide flexible InfiniBand networking capabilities designed to help your business run better.

Infiniband switch modules Product features Bandwidth Compatibility Management
Voltaire 40Gb InfiniBand Switch Module for IBM BladeCenter

Highest bandwidth and lowest latency solution. Provides fourteen 40 Gb ports to each server and sixteen ports out of the chassis per switch and enables scaling from 14 to 126 nodes with latency less than 200 nanoseconds. Supported on IBM BladeCenter H chassis. SNMP management interface to AMM.
Infiniband adapters and mezzanines Product features
2-Port 40Gb InfiniBand Expansion Card (CFFh) for IBM BladeCenter When combined with the Voltaire 40Gb InfiniBand switch module, this adapter delivers end-to-end 40Gb bandwidth per port.

Based on proven Mellanox ConnectX IB technology for low latency, high bandwidth performance for server and storage clustering applications in high performance computing.

The adapter uses the CFFh form factor and can be combined to with a CIOv adapter to get additional SAS, Fibre Channel or Ethernet ports.

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