IBM BladeCenter Layer 2/3 Gb Ethernet Switch Modules


  • Takes advantage of flexible, in-chassis, traffic management and sophisticated security through Layer 2 switching and Layer 3 routing capabilities
  • Helps meet stringent requirements of both enterprise and telecom environments
  • Realizes high return on investment through potentially lower management costs and price/performance leadership for integrated switch modules
  • Helps keep systems up and running with unmatched high-availability support and proven resilience

As organizations demand more business applications, data centers have become more complex, cumbersome and expensive to manage. The IBM® BladeCenter® platform offers solutions to help lower costs while enhancing performance by accommodating many integration technologies.

The IBM BladeCenter Layer 2/3 Gb Ethernet Switch Modules (GbE SMs) offer integrated switching that lets you consolidate full Layer 2 and Layer 3 LAN switching and routing capabilities into a single BladeCenter chassis, lower costs and simplify deployment. This consolidation helps flatten the data center infrastructure and reduce the number of discrete devices, management consoles and equipment vendors that administrators need to manage. Clients have the choice of either a Fiber and Copper version of this switch.

Product features

Integration and consolidation
Layer 3 functionality:
Fiber offering
Fault tolerance

Hardware summary

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