Base switch 46C9250
Single Chassis (SC) Licensing
(Enables iFlow functionalities in external ports)
Multiple Chassis (MC) Licensing
(Enables iFlow functionalities in servers)
External ports
Internal ports 14 x 10 GbE data paths 1 to each server bay
Internal 2 ports: 100Base-T management through the AMM
Console interface 1 port: RS 232 mini-USB connector
Full-line rate performance and latency 480 Gbps and 1.60 microseconds latency
Latency 1.60 microseconds
High performance traffic distribution Ingress traffic is classified into flows and distributed to all server blades in parallel at wire-speed
Configurable hash parameters Source MAC, Destination MAC, Source IP, Destination IP
Scalability Multi-chassis support in Layer-3 mode delivers scalability to up to 84 servers across up to six BladeCenter chassis
High availability
Application health checks Link, IPS, ARP, ICMP, TCP, Script based, HTTP, HTTPS/SSL, DNS, SMTP
Policy-based traffic steering and routing Configurable rules to match on Layer 2 - 4 packet header fields and redirect packets to an outgoing port, trunk or IP next-hop.
Network optimization
CLI Industry-based CLI (Cisco-like) and networking OS CLI
Secure management
Configuration tracking Complete logging of all changes:

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