Feature Benefits
Capacity on demand and performance
  • With ten 10 Gbps uplink ports and fourteen 10 Gbps internal ports, IBM iFlow Director offers unmatched performance and latency as low as 1.60 microseconds.
  • Achieve linear performance scalability as additional blades are added into the server pool.
High availability and reliability
  • Advanced BladeCenter features like internal network port monitoring, redundant network connections per blade, redundant power supplies and fans, and switching features like uplink failure detection and controlled failover with network interface card (NIC) teaming help eliminate any single point of failure
  • Advanced switch failover with VRRP
Intelligent traffic distribution
  • IBM iFlow Director provides intelligent flow classification, and parallel load distribution to significantly accelerate server and application performance.
  • Flow persistency is maintained to ensure consistency of connections between client and servers
Cost-effective and energy-efficient
  • The IBM iFlow Director solution provides significant savings compared to a solution consisting of multiple stand-alone appliances, Layer 2 switches and load balancers.
  • With 480 Gbps of raw throughput, the IBM iFlow Director solution provides a game-changing price/performance advantage.

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