BladeCenter 1/10G Uplink Ethernet Switch Module

Part number 44W4404
Uplinks Six 1 Gb RJ45 ports
Three 10 Gb SFP+ (Requires Optional SFP+ Transceiver or direct attach copper cable)
Internal ports 14 × 1 Gb ports and two 100 Mb management ports
Performance Full Line Rate performance – 100 Gbps
Power consumption 40 W for the entire switch
Availability/Resiliency Ready for mission-critical applications: Link Trunk Failover, NIC teaming; IEEE 802.1s, 802.1d, 802.1w (MSTP, MAC bridges, RSTP, VLAN tagging, provider bridges) ; PVRST+; Link Layer Detection Protocol (LLDP); Hot Links; VRRP (RFC2338 + active-active extension); Cisco EtherChannel compatibility Broadcast storm control; User configurable hashing options for LACP: SMAC, DMAC, SIP and DIP
VLANs Customizable VLAN support 1,024 configurable VLANs (802.1Q) 4K VLAN IDs Protocol-based VLANs
Traffic management/Routing Optimized for best performance: BGP 4, RIPv1, RIPv2, OSPFv3, OSPF v2 (RFC 2328) with ECMP, OSPF (RFC 3101) DHCP/BootP Relay (RFC 3046) QoS (metering, remarking, DSCP/CoS) IEEE 802.1p (Priority Queues), IEEE 802.3x Flow Control IGMPv1 (RFC 1112) Multicast Snooping, IGMPv2 (RFC 2236) Multicast Snooping, IGMP v3 IGMP Filtering, IP Forwarding Jumbo Frame (9K), Static Routing IPv6 Host Management (PING, Traceroute) and Rate Limiting.
Security Filtering based on: 802.1x port authentication MAC and IP address (source, destination) Application type (Telnet, FTP, SMTP, etc.) TCP flags (ACK, URG, PSH, RST, SYN, FIN) IP address range or TCP port range IP options and VLAN ID HTTPS SSH v2 and SNMP v1-3 RADIUS (authentication and accounting), OAM protocol, and TACACS+
CLI Industry-based CLI (Cisco like); networking OS CLI
Cluster management Clusters of switches can be managed from one central location using the optional Switch Center software: Group configuration downloads; Group image downloads; and scheduled downloads
Secure management Automatic chassis detection; Management through CLI, telnet, Web; Secure management through HTTPS, SSH v1/v2, SNMP v1-3, sFlow (Version 5), RMON, ; Dual software images Switch Center for cluster management upgrade through TFTP, FTP and serial download. Network Time Protocol (multiple servers): Port Mirroring and detailed statistics and switch diagnostics
Virtualization management Virtual Machine awareness: Virtual Switch Groups and focused ACLs/QoS/VLAN configurationsNetwork Motion: Network attributes move with VMs in virtual environment and automated network failover, no additional configuration needed
Configuration tracking Complete logging of all changes: Identification of the user, time, and date stamp, parameters changed (both old and new settings), changes attempted and denied, local log with option to export data to a remote server, system log or other utility in real time
Stacking Up to eight switches can be in a stack with a Single IP address, one Configuration file, and one image file for all switches in the stack. Supports automatic discovery and configuration for new stack members

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