BladeCenter 1/10G Uplink Ethernet Switch Module


The world is changing. The increase in adoption of virtualization, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the growth of online education and gaming, and the amount of time consumers and businesses are spending on the web indicate the need for servers with more processing power, bigger and faster data pipes, and countermeasures for skyrocketing energy costs.

While 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) has been available for a few years, recently it has moved to the top of IT department’s list as a technology to consider. Many IT departments today, large and small, are assessing when and where 10 GbE makes sense for them. Some have specific applications that can benefit from 10 GbE. Others are investigating how 10 GbE can help them with their virtualization strategies. Many storage administrators consider 10 GbE to be the true convergence fabric. Storage administrators are actively working on converging networking and storage fabrics into 10 GbE. There are many more reasons why IT departments are looking at 10 GbE, such as lower energy consumption, lower price and less complexity. It is no longer a matter of whether moving to 10 GbE makes sense, but when it should be done.

To address evolving networks, networking offers a leadership product for the BladeCenter® portfolio that helps meet the demand of networks in transition like no other switch in the blade market: the BladeCenter 1/10G Uplink Ethernet Switch Module.

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