BladeCenter blade server chassis

The BladeCenter® chassis helps form your IT foundation and can be tailored to the different types of applications, environments and performance requirements you have in your business. Choice of chassis include chassis for data centers, stores or remote sites and non-traditional environments, so you can easily tailor a solution to meet your needs—just pick the right fit. With IBM BladeCenter, blade servers and switch modules can be seamlessly moved between chassis, giving you incredibly flexible, mix-and-match deployment choices.

Product Business use Height/Bays Power modules I/O modules
IBM BladeCenter S

All-in-one chassis with integrated, high-performance SAN ideal for small offices and remote branch environments. 7U high / 6 bays with up to two Disk Storage Modules supporting either twelve 3.5-inch or twenty four 2.5-inch hard disk drives (HDDs) 950W / 1450W AC Up to four legacy
IBM BladeCenter H

High performance and high density chassis ideal for even the most demanding applications. 9U high / 14 bays 2980W AC Up to 4 legacy, 4 high-speed, 4 bridge
IBM BladeCenter HT

Ruggedized NEBS-3/ETSI-compliant chassis ideal for next-generation, high-performance applications. 12U high / 12 bays 3160W AC / 2535W DC Up to 4 legacy, 4 high-speed, 4 bridge


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