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IBM System z Solution Edition Series

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The IBM® System z™ Solution Edition Series: dramatically lowering the cost and easing deployment of new business applications

System z has long been considered the Gold standard for mission critical, enterprise applications and large scale secure data serving. Now, with the new Solution Edition Series, System z is delivering bottom-line priced solutions for many of the key workloads businesses require, without compromising qualities of service.

So what is a Solution Edition? A packaged offering that brings together key components of hardware, software and maintenance, all at a single, affordable bottom line price. Each Solution Edition is tailored to meet key business needs and designed to enable clients to get maximum value from their current IT infrastructure in the fastest possible time and at the lowest cost.

Contact your IBM Sales representative for more information on how Solution Edition Series can help deliver the value your business needs at an affordable cost.

System z Solution Editions: Designed to be affordable, to be competitive with alternative systems that are not as secure, not as reliable, not as scalable.

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