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IBM System z9 Business Class

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IBM System z9 Business Class (z9 BC): A mainframe specifically designed to meet the needs of small to medium enterprises

The IBM System z9™ Business Class (z9 BC) takes advantage of the innovation of the System z9 platform and is designed to bring value to a wider audience, both midrange and small enterprise businesses. The z9 BC offers a low cost of entry, granular growth, flexible configurations, subcapacity pricing and On/Off Capacity on Demand to meet growing and changing demands for traditional and new workloads. And the z9 BC can participate in IBM’s Parallel Sysplex® technology, which can give you the flexibility to solve business issues such as rapid response to business needs change, ensuring continuous availability of IT assets and reducing your overall cost of computing.

On the z9 BC, subcapacity options are offered on 1-way to 4-way servers. Having the ability to offer just a portion of the full capacity gives you greater flexibility. The z9 BC is available in two models with 73 capacity settings so you can choose just the right size. The Model R07, aimed at smaller enterprises, has a smaller I/O configuration and lower entry point where large amounts of resources are not the driving factor, but always a quick upgrade away when needed, either temporary or permanent. The Model S07 is aimed at medium-sized businesses that need to have more available I/O or more capacity, as well as upgrades to the IBM System z9 Enterprise Class (z9 EC). For ease of installation, the z9 BC can be installed in either a raised or non-raised floor environment. Today, more than ever, z9 BC means there is a System z9 for everyone.

The z9 BC is able to manage numerous operating systems on a single server, including z/OS®, z/OS.e, z/VM®, z/VSE™, z/TPF, TPF, and Linux® for System z9 (31-bit and 64-bit distributions). The operating systems are designed to support existing application investments without anticipated change to help realize the benefits of the z9 BC.

IBM provides world-class mainframe technology to help today’s enterprises respond to business conditions quickly and with flexibility. From automation to advanced virtualization technologies and open industry standards such as SOA, IBM mainframes teamed with IBM’s storage products help deliver competitive advantages. IBM System z9—Powerful servers for simplified infrastructures.

Benefits Features/functions
Capacity on Demand
Specialty Engines
I/O Connectivity
Cluster systems

Hardware models R07 and S07
Processor unit types
Model R07 S07  
Minimum 1/0/0/0/0/1 0/0/0/0/0/1 (CP/IFL/ICF/zAAP, zIIP, SAP)1
Maximum 3/6/6/3/3/4 4/7/7/3/3/4 (CP/IFL/ICF/zAAP, zIIP, SAP)
Increments 1/1/1/1/1/1 1/1/1/1/1/1 (CP/IFL/ICF/zAAP, zIIP, SAP)
Coupling links ISC-3 IC ICB-3, ICB-4 Max # external links
R07 48 Links 32 CHPIDs 16 Links4 48
S07 48 Links 32 CHPIDs 16 Links 48
Minimum 0/0/0/0 (IBM ESCON®/FICON Express2/OSA-Express2/HiperSockets)—an I/O or CF feature is required
Minimum 0/0/0/0 (FICON Express22/FICON Express4-2C/FICON Express4/OSA-Express2)—an I/O or CF feature is required
Maximum R07 240/32/32/16 (ESCON/FICON Express/OSA-Express4/HiperSockets)
Maximum R07 64/32/64/32 (FICON Express2/FICON Express4-2C/FICON Express4/OSA-Express24)
Maximum S07 420/40/40/16 (ESCON/FICON Express/OSA-Express/HiperSockets)
Maximum S07 80/56/112/48 (FICON Express2/FICON Express4 2C/FICON Express4/OSA-Express2)
Increments 4/2/2/1 (ESCON/FICON Express/OSA-Express/HiperSockets)
Increments 4/2/4 (FICON Express2/FICON Express4 2C/FICON Express4)
Increments 2/1 (OSA-Express2 - GbE, 1000BASE-T/OSA-Express2 - 10 GbE)
R07 Crypto Express2-1P/Crypto Express2 - optional up to 4 features (4/8 PCI-X adapters)
S07 Crypto Express2-1P/Crypto Express2 - optional up to 8 features (8/16 PCI-X adapters)
Processor memory Model R07 S07
Minimum 8 GB 8 GB
Maximum 64 GB 64 GB
R07 Upgradeable within the z9 BC R07 and to the z9 BC model S07
Upgradeable from IBM eServer zSeries 890 and 800-004
Capacity Backup Upgrade (CBU) to S07; this does not apply to On/Off CoD
S07 Upgradeable within the z9 BC S07 and to the z9 EC S08
Upgradeable from IBM eServer zSeries 890 and 800-004
Physical configuration Minimum Maximum
Weight (unpacked 699 kg (1542 lbs) 785 kg (1730 lbs) – with IBF feature
Footprint 1.24 Sq meters (13.31 Sq. ft) 1.24 Sq meters (13.31 Sq. ft)
With service clearance 3.03 Sq meters (32.61 Sq. ft) 3.03 Sq meters (32.61 Sq. ft)
Input power 5.4 kW 5.4 kW
Heat output 18.4 KBTU/hr 18.4 KBTU/hr
Air Flow CFM 880 at 16 deg C, 1495 m3/hr at 16 deg C CFM 880 at 16 deg C, 1495 m3/hr at 16 deg C
Height 194.1 cm (76.4 inches) 194.1 cm (76.4 inches)
General Conforms to EIA guidelines for frames
Software Operating System Minimum Version Release
  z/OS and z/OS.e: z/OS and z/OS.e 1.6 and subsequent releases
  z/VM: z/VM 5.1 and subsequent releases
  Linux on System z: Red Hat RHEL 4 and subsequent releases, SUSE SLES 9 and subsequent releases, Linux as z/VM guest
  z/VSE: z/VSE V3.1 , z/VSE 4.1
  TPF: TPF 4.1
  z/TPF: z/TPF 1.1

1 One zAAP and/or zIIP per CP; one CP can satisfy the requirement of one or both specialty engines
2 Available only when carried forward on an upgrade
3 Initial order of Crypto Express2-1P/Crypto Express2 requires 2 features
4 R07 capacity setting A01 has maximum of eight ICB-4 links and a maximum of 24 OSA-Express and OSA-Express2 ports

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