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...We consider IBM and VMware to represent the ideal combination of hardware and software elements for facilitating modern virtualised infrastructures.

-- Martin Wright, Managing Director, Techgate

IBM and VMware can help you implement a highly reliable IT infrastructure with hardware and software designed for virtualization. As the first authorized reseller of VMware products, IBM has proven experience in developing and delivering VMware-based solutions that help customers optimize and simplify their IT infrastructure to drive down operating costs. From virtual desktops to enterprise-class virtualization and cloud solutions, IBM has you covered with innovative technology and exceptional services and support.

Featured solutions

Desktop virtualization

Harness a robust, cost-effective, and manageable virtual desktop solution.

Private cloud solutions

IBM and VMware offer affordable and scalable private cloud solutions.

VMware software offerings from IBM

VMware vSphere (ESXi) Hypervisor with IBM Customization

VMware vSphere (ESXi) Hypervisor is one of the easiest ways to get started with virtualization—and it’s free.

IBM offers versions of VMware vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi) customized for select IBM hardware to give you on-line platform management, including updating and configuring firmware, platform diagnostics, and enhanced hardware alerts. IBM management tools also support simplified management of the VMware vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi) with select IBM x86 servers.

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Cloud infrastructure offerings:

Management offerings:

Desktop virtualization offerings:

IBM x86 systems, services and support

Combining VMware software with IBM x86 servers and System Storage can help reduce IT complexity, lower IT costs, and increase IT flexibility and business agility with a highly scalable, resilient and flexible IT infrastructure.

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Lenovo acquires IBM x86 systems

These IBM x86 products are now products of Lenovo in Belgium and other countries. IBM will host x86-related content on until migrated to Lenovo. During the transition, please interpret references to IBM in relation to transitioned products as Lenovo.


  • Cloud-ready virtualization

    Learn about IBM PureFlex System with VMware Cloud Infrastructure Suite.

Got virtualization bottlenecks?

  • BladeCenter HX5 offers high memory capacity and I/O flexibility for breakthrough virtualization agility.


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Joshua Miller

VMware Program Manager, IBM Systems & Technology Group, Pure Systems & Modular Software Development

Joshua Miller

Josh is a Program Manager for a team that develops, manages, and releases VMware vSphere (ESXi) Hypervisor with IBM Customization.

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