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Introducing a new portfolio
of x86 server-based solutions

Our new generation of x86 servers offers improved performance and efficiency

As your business grows and changes – and you continue with the same tight budget – you need IT solutions that are efficient and flexible. Enhanced offerings from IBM form the foundation of smarter computing solutions that can help you meet these challenges.

Whether your business is becoming more data intensive; or you need to optimize workloads; or you're ready to enable cloud technologies, these new x86 systems can help you transform your business and improve operational efficiency.

Don’t let your future be just keeping up with your IT challenges. Make a better one with the new generation of IBM System x® servers.

IBM System x3650 M4
The ultimate balance of performance, flexibility, and cost efficiency. The x3650 M4 is designed for the business challenges that can keep you up at night. With technology choices like the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 product family, eXFlash high IOPS SSD solutions, and 10GbE Virtual Fabric, the x3650 M4 meets the challenge with ease. So you can get some rest.

IBM System x3550 M4
Big things do come in small packages. The x3550 M4 is a 1U powerhouse with leadership high availability features, such as predictive failure analysis, redundant power and disk mirroring capabilities. The M4 generation of this business-critical platform offers up to twice the performance as previous generation servers and provides a solid foundation for cloud deployments.

IBM System x3500 M4
An all-in-one business solution you can put under your desk. The x3500 is a two-socket tower server designed for business critical applications. Supporting 768GB of memory, 32 2.5” hard drives and the latest Intel Xeon processors, the M4 generation x3500 can meet the most demanding needs of a growing business or a distributed enterprise.

IBM BladeCenter HS23
Do more with IBM BladeCenter® HS23 – a new two-socket blade server optimized for performance and highly scalable I/O. The combination of integrated 10GbE Virtual Fabric, 16 memory slots, and the Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 product family makes the HS23 ideal for virtualization and cloud computing.

IBM System x iDataPlex dx360 M4
Break the constraints of the datacenter. The IBM dx360 M4 is for data centers that require high performance, yet are constrained on floor space, power and cooling infrastructure. The dx360 M4 supports the Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 product family and is ideal for business clients that need a dense, flexible solution with low total cost of ownership.

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Lenovo acquires IBM x86 systems

These IBM x86 products are now products of Lenovo in Belgium and other countries. IBM will host x86-related content on until migrated to Lenovo. During the transition, please interpret references to IBM in relation to transitioned products as Lenovo.

  • Transitioning IBM x86 to Lenovo

    Hear from IBM executives and view news reports about Lenovo’s planned acquisition of IBM’s x86 server business.

Featured x86 solutions

Achieve a better future, faster

Learn about the March 6th announcement for IBM System x and BladeCenter.

Achieve a better future, faster

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Product demos

  • BladeCenter HS23

    This performance-optimized blade server is ideal for virtualization and cloud computing.

  • System x3650 M4

    This 2-socket, 2U rack server is the ultimate blend of outstanding performance, flexibility, cost-efficiency and reliability.

  • System x3550 M4

    This 2-socket, 1U rack server offers a perfect balance of performance, density, flexibility and cost efficiency.

  • System x3500 M4

    This all-in-one, scalable 2-socket tower server handles demanding business-critical applications.

  • iDataPlex dx360 M4

    This half-depth, two-socket server provides a dense, flexible solution with low total cost of ownership.