IBM Linear Tape File System

Allows users and applications direct access to files and directories stored on tape


IBM® Linear Tape File System™ (LTFS) provides direct, intuitive and graphical access to data stored on Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium 6 or 5 tape cartridges, as well as IBM 3592 tape cartridges. It eliminates the need for additional tape management and software to access data.

Product features

Hardware summary

Feature Benefits
Graphical user interface
OS file system application programming interface utilization
IBM Linear Tape File System Single Drive Edition
Hardware requirements
Tape systems IBM Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium 6 or 5 tape drives
IBM System Storage® TS1140 Tape Drive
Tape media* LTO Ultrium 6 and 5, and 3592 JC, JB and JK
Supported operating systems Linux
Apple OS X
Microsoft Windows
Warranty Free download from IBM website: “as-is” software
Open source for Linux and Mac OS versions
Object code only for Windows versions

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