IBM Systems Storage

Expect more from your storage

Triple your performance in a flash with IBM XIV Gen3 and SSD

Information Infrastructure solutions

  • Information Infrastructure

    Harness the information explosion with a smarter storage strategy.

  • Storage efficiency

    Reduce costs, improve productivity, minimize risks, manage growth and reduce operating expenses to help you get the most efficient storage infrastructure.

  • Data protection and retention

    IBM offers effective, secure solutions that help address growing data protection demands while reducing operational complexity.

Solutions by business need

Archiving solutions (US)

Simple and flexible archiving solutions to help organizations of all sizes.

Data encryption (US)

Protect data by controlling access, verifying authenticity and maintaining its availability.

Inline data deduplication (US)

Meet disk–based data protection needs, while enabling significant infrastructure cost reductions.

Small and medium business (US)

IBM Storage technology designed especially for small and midrange businesses.

Storage cloud solutions (US)

IBM cloud storage, plus smart business systems and smart business services to enable your storage cloud.

Storage virtualization

Simplify your IT environment and lower your total cost of ownership by consolidating storage resources.

Solution by offering

IBM XIV Storage System

Simple and efficient integration for enterprise storage and storage virtualization.

5th Generation of LTO technology

Save space, time and energy while addressing legislative and regulatory requirements.

IBM Real-time Compression Appliances (US)

Shrink primary, online data in real time, without performance degradation.

IBM Storwize Rapid Application Storage solutions (US)

Highly efficient primary storage solution to simplify IT environments with complex management needs.

N series

Integrated storage solution where a single storage system has the capability of supporting mission critical applications.

Solid-state Storage technology

Uses a memory-type device for mass storage, rather than spinning disk or tape.

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IBM Storage and ISV interoperability

IBM's commitment to storage platform interoperability is visible through its partnership with independent software vendors (ISVs) such as VMware, Microsoft and SAP.

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