3996 Optical Cartridge

Ultra Density Optical (UDO) disc technology for reliable, long-term archival storage



The IBM 3996 Optical Cartridge is designed to work with the IBM 3996 Optical Library. This 5.25-inch 30GB optical cartridge provides up to five times the maximum storage capacity previously offered by IBM and is based upon Ultra Density Optical (UDO) disc technology.

IBM 3996 Optical Cartridges are available in rewritable and permanent WORM formats designed to provide long-term archival storage of high-volume document images and emails, customer records, audio or video files, financial information and design documents.

Optical Cartridges are durable, can provide fast access to data, and are easily removable from the 3996 Optical Library. An anti-static treatment has been applied to the cartridge to help reduce electrostatic charges.

Rewritable model
The 5.25-inch, rewritable cartridge has a usable capacity of up to 30GB, and is intended for storing data that has a finite life span and is rewritable.

Write Once / Read Many (WORM) model
The 5.25, WORM cartridge is designed to store data in a non-erasable, non-rewritable format. This can help enterprises with the long-term retention of reference data, including those needing to address worldwide regulatory requirements.

Feature Benefit
UDO Technology
WORM Format
Rewritable Format
Anti-static Treatment
Description 5.25" Optical Disk 130mm PWORM 2048 Bytes/Sector - 5.2GB 8X
Rewritable Optical Data Cartridge P/N 23R2568
WORM Optical Data Cartridge P/N 23R2567
Native capacity 30GB
Load / unload 40,000
Warranty Limited Lifetime
Physical characteristics
Single cartridge dimensions L x H x W (mm): 5.44 x 6.25 x 0.4
Weight (g): 206.9
10-Pack Dimensions L x H x W (mm): 147 x 143 x 166
Weight (g): 2,171.3
40-Pack Dimensions L x H x W (mm): 312 x 302 x 184
Weight (g): 8,656.0
Operating Environment
Temperature 5 to 55°C (41 to 131°F)
Humidity 3 to 85% RH, non-condensing