IBM PowerLinux Big Data Analytics Solutions

Watson-inspired analytics solutions for businesses of all sizes


  • Deliver actionable insights using Apache™ Hadoop™, InfoSphere® BigInsights and InfoSphere Streams on PowerLinux™ servers to analyze structured and unstructured data at massive scale
  • Make impactful business decisions using Apache Hadoop, IBM InfoSphere BigInsights and InfoSphere Streams on PowerLinux servers
  • Deliver higher quality analytics services with a reliable and secure POWER7® foundation
  • Put technical advancements learned from IBM Watson™ to work for your business

Data is exploding from sources like sensors used to gather climate information, posts to social media sites, digital pictures and videos posted online, transaction records of online purchases, and cell phone GPS signals, to name a few sources. Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, so much that 90 percent of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. This data is big data.

Today’s businesses want to leverage the data explosion to create competitive advantages. In fact, 89 percent of CEOs say they want better insight through business intelligence and analytics. An infrastructure that is designed for data means extending beyond traditional sources of data to generate insight by leveraging new forms of information.

Both structured and unstructured data will continue to grow at astronomical rates. Today’s organizations are challenged with managing the volume of data they have. It's difficult to keep pace with the growing amounts of incoming data that could provide vital information to their business to make timely decisions and achieve business goals.

Smarter companies are thinking differently about how to deal with big data that is growing exponentially within their organizations. To meet this challenge, many are deploying Linux-based IT infrastructures designed to capably handle both structured and unstructured data, making it easier to capture, manage and analyze information to drive better-informed business decisions.

IBM PowerLinux Big Data Analytics solutions help businesses gain new insights with scalable, powerful solutions, using Apache Hadoop and IBM InfoSphere BigInsights software to analyze data-at-rest, and InfoSphere Streams software to analyze data-in-motion. The deep integration and optimization of analytics workload performance on PowerLinux enables businesses to run thousands of tasks in parallel to deliver analytics services faster.

IBM Power Systems hardware is at the heart of enabling major business and industry transformations fueled by the explosive growth of big data and analytics. Power Systems help organizations drive faster business insights with industry leading performance, scalability and virtualization flexibility.

Operating systems

Power servers deliver flexibility and choice of operating systems to enable your business to select the best applications for your business needs. Whether running 1, 2, or all 3 - coupled with PowerVM, they maximise the benefit of Power Systems in your business.

System software

IBM's integrated approach to developing Systems and Systems Software stacks together delivers maximum utilisation, availability, and flexibility helping you deliver new advantages in your business.


IBM and IBM Business Partner solutions exploit key benefits in Power Systems that help you deliver new capabilities and new competitive advantages to your business.

Migrate to Power

Over the last five years thousands of Oracle and HP UNIX clients have migrated to POWER. Learn how Power Systems has helped them improve their business performance, reduce risk, and establish a more secure future.


Companies embracing Smarter Computing are implementing IT infrastructure based on the IBM Power Systems platform that is designed for data, tuned to the task and managed with cloud technologies. With Power Systems, businesses can outpace their competitors by delivering services faster, differentiate their offerings by delivering higher quality services, and turn operational cost into investment opportunity by delivering services with superior economics.

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