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Competition is rapidly growing. Margins are getting slimmer. And the need for business efficiency is at a critical level. In today’s world, it has never been more important for companies to make better and smarter business decisions. But the challenge is in doing so faster than ever before.

You don´t have to sacrifice performance for efficiency. View the IBM Linux on Power® infographic

You don’t have to sacrifice performance for efficiency. View the IBM Linux on Power infographic.

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Open source is driving innovation.

Businesses know it. And they’re doing something about it. With over 1 million unique open-source projects, organizations are taking advantage of the benefits.

Business-critical applications on Linux grew by 315% vs. traditional Linux workloads at 200% growth.1

Why are companies running Linux on the same old environments?
You need an environment that gives you:

Faster ROI

Optimize your time to value

Powerful Applications

Boost business productivity with a broad catalog of solutions


Lower your total cost of acquisition


Work with a system that grows to meet your needs.

70% of IT budgets are spent on maintenance. What if you could spend more on innovation?2

Increase performance. Increase efficiency. Lower TCO.


This German IT services provider needed to find a more efficient way to bring scalable SAP offerings to organizations that don’t want to manage the day-to-day administration and maintenance.

Upgrading to the latest POWER7® Linux servers helped them to:

Reduce leasing costs by 50%. Set up new environments 80% faster. Provide total security for each virtual SAP instance.3

GHY International

This leading provider of U.S. and Canadian customs brokerage services needed to ramp up capacity and capability to provide quick, reliable service—while allowing IT to focus on business growth, not managing infrastructure.

Working with IBM, GHY International transformed their IT by integrating platforms (IBM i, UNIX, and Linux), automating processes and creating a secure private cloud.

The IT budget was cut by 14%. Time spent on server management dropped 90%. 4

Find innovative solutions by making better, faster decisions in real time.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering

With 1.6 million new cancer cases projected by the American Cancer Society, finding answers fast can literally be a matter of life or death.

Complexities cause wrong or incomplete diagnoses for 1 out of 5 patients.
Watson, running Linux on Power, is helping to change all this.

Watson can analyze 200 million pages of clinical data in 15 seconds, helping doctors make faster, more accurate decisions. 5

See how Linux on Power® can help your company control costs, work efficiently and meet service level agreements.

Read the IDC white paper.

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You don´t have to sacrifice performance for efficiency. View the IBM Linux on Power® infographic.