Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center contains official product documentation for IBM products. You can browse or search for documentation, release notes, or PDF versions of the information. The following links take you directly to information for specific AIX releases, and for Power Systems.

Lab Services

These consultants can help with a variety of Power Systems topics, for example:

  • Accelerating POWER8 migration
  • Migration planning (including Oracle and DB2)
  • Security and compliance
  • Virtualization
  • Database and performance

Power to Cloud Rewards Program (US) Learn more about the Power Systems offerings (US)


Redbooks typically provide positioning and value guidance, installation and implementation experiences, typical solution scenarios, and step-by-step "how-to" guidelines. They often include sample code and other support materials that are also available as downloads from the Redbook site.

IBM developerWorks

developerWorks is a meeting and learning place for topics across IBM. For AIX there is content written by our engineering team, forums and communities to connect with other users, downloads of trial software, and ways to give feedback.

AIX technical support

Open the IBM Support portal to resolve problems

Download fixes and updates for your AIX systems

AIX user communities

Forums are a great way to connect with both AIX users worldwide, as well as the IBM development teams working on AIX. Below are two options to join vibrant communities of people with AIX expertise.

LinkedIn groups

IBM developers and leaders often post announcements here -- stop by to check out the very latest in AIX and get answers to your questions.

IBM developerWorks

developerWorks forums and community

Technical discussion related to installing, upgrading and supporting AIX installations -- Includes many posts on best practice tips and tricks.

Recent blogs

AIX kernel CAPI adapter driver for transparent exploitation

CAPI flash allows application I/O requests to be serviced in user-mode with a new AIX CAPI block library

New release of AIX 7.2 TL1

The release of AIX 7.2 Technology Level (TL) 1 continues our history of innovatively addressing client concerns and specifically tackles the constant pressure to reduce downtime in the data center.

Integrated server-based I/O caching of SAN based data

AIX 7.2 offers server-side caching of storage data