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IBM Power Blade servers

Now it is easier than ever to consolidate x86, AIX, IBM i, and Linux applications using the same IBM BladeCenter® chassis. Reduce the complexity, management, and energy requirements of your IT operations by consolidating your diverse workloads giving you incredibly flexible, mix-and-match deployment choices all in a single IBM architecture.

Designed for versatility

The IBM BladeCenter HS22 offers flexible options to support a broad range of workloads, including virtualization and enterprise applications. The HS22 can be customized and deployed quickly while best-in-class reliability features help keep you up and running. Mix and match the HS22 with the industry's most diverse set of chassis and blades including the consolidation of x86 workloads and workloads running on AIX, i or Linux using the BladeCenter JS12 or the world's first POWER7 processor-based blades, the PS700, PS701 and PS702 Express, along with the new PS703 Express and PS704 Express the premier blades for 64-bit applications—all into the same BladeCenter chassis.

Built for performance

The HS22 provides outstanding performance with support for the latest Intel® Xeon® processors, high-speed I/O, and support for high memory capacity and fast memory throughput. The HS22 can run applications up to twice as fast compared to previous generation blades. In fact, you can run many applications faster than even competitor four-socket blades.

Realize innovation

Your business needs continually change. IBM understands that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. To meet your broad and diverse needs, you want your IT infrastructure to be flexible and modular. BladeCenter offers a comprehensive portfolio of chassis, blade servers, switches and fabrics—all managed from a common infrastructure.

By integrating servers, storage, networking and management, BladeCenter is helping companies in every industry sweep complexity aside. The blades contain all the necessities to run an application—processors, memory, I/O and storage. The chassis contains shared redundant power, shared hot-swap cooling, a media tray, integrated Ethernet, storage, switching and consolidated powerful management. Its innovative, open design offers a true alternative to today’s sprawling racks and overheated server rooms.

So toss out your cables. You have nothing to lose but complexity.

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