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IBM Power Blade servers

AIX (US) on the IBM BladeCenter is a great combination that provides all the flexibility, reliability, security, virtualization, and performance of AIX on the latest POWER™ technology in a physically consolidated package. Clients can use AIX on POWER blade servers to support the wide range of business applications available for AIX, while leveraging the consolidation and easy expansion capabilities of the BladeCenter. AIX fully supports the extensive energy management capabilities provided by the POWER EnergyScale™ technology (US) to enable potential savings in energy and cooling costs.

Clients can also use combinations of AIX running on POWER blade servers along with Intel processor-based servers (US) into a single chassis, leveraging the management, space, and power savings provided by IBM BladeCenter solutions to support heterogeneous applications or to consolidate multiple applications running on AIX, IBM i or Linux in the same BladeCenter.

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