System Networking

Accelerate deployment and optimize efficiency with a simplified fabric infrastructure


Next generation data centers seek to improve performance and utilization of their given resources, simplify management and reduce complexity of their networks, while simultaneously trying to reduce capital and operational expenses. To meet these requirements, System Networking provides solutions that increase ease of use and management, help scale-out architectures to meet the growing needs of businesses, reduce power consumption and cost, and provide high performance and virtualization aware networking.

Ethernet for Flex Systems

High performance switches for the integrated expert systems that provide unmatched scalability, virtualization capabilities, and ease of management

Ethernet Top-of-Rack

Low latency, low cost, low power Ethernet Layer 2/3 top of rack switches for the next generation data centers

Converged Switches

Reliable, low power, low cost, and high performance switches that support both Fibre Channel (FC) and Ethernet

Fibre Channel Switches

Flexible, scalable & open standards-based business-class and global enterprise-class storage networking solutions for the on demand world

Ethernet for BladeCenter

1Gb and 10Gb high performance, flexible and easy to manage Ethernet switch modules for BladeCenter

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