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IBM Migration Factory

Need help migrating to IBM?

Companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their business and gain a competitive edge. Often, these newfound opportunities for improvement have the potential to affect a company's basic IT infrastructure and may require the migration of core applications and databases to a new environment.

However, where do you start? Where should you target to migrate first? What should you migrate first to give you the best return on investment (ROI) and lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)? We can help you answer those questions.

We use a proven methodology to help organizations just like yours meet those objectives. The first step in this methodology is IBM's Server Makeover analysis. This analysis is used to develop a high-level technical and financial roadmap that identifies optimization opportunities within the server environment and the best targets for migration.

A successful migration can bring substantial benefits. If executed correctly, it can offer real business advantages and rewards. Yet, if you wait until you need to migrate, many analysts say you've waited too long. The "if it isn't broken don't fix it" philosophy is a dangerous practice and can cost a company significantly more to migrate when it becomes critical or necessary due to such factors as loss of faith in current vendor, poor performance of current vendor, high costs of support from current vendor.

IBM has built a world-class migration capability to help customers move from their current non-IBM platform to IBM Systems – the IBM Migration Factory.

The Migration Factory uses a five-step process, which has been meticulously refined over 25 years. While no two migrations are identical, the process IBM uses to help ensure success is always the same whether it's an infrastructure migration, database migration, ISV package, custom applications or combination of all four.

Don't hide from ugly IT.

Visit the IT theater and qualify to receive a Server Makeover from IBM.