IBM Systems Director


Next Generation Platform Management for multi-system environment that reduces the complexity of virtualization and provides simplified management.

What we offer

IBM® Systems Director 6.1 is a platform management foundation that streamlines the way physical and virtual systems are managed across a multi-system environment. Leveraging industry standards, IBM Systems Director supports multiple operating systems and virtualization technologies across IBM and non-IBM platforms. IBM Systems Director 6.1 is an easy to use, point and click, simplified management solution. Through a single user interface, IBM Systems Director provides consistent views for visualizing managed systems, determining how these systems relate to one another while identifying their individual status, thus helping to correlate technical resources with business needs.

IBM Systems Director 6.1 is an industry leading platform management solution that utilizes a modular and extensible platform services foundation which provides a way to easily add advanced platform management capabilities to the base offering. The IBM Systems Director offering provides the base function needed for platform management. Advanced platform management functions can be seamlessly added as they are required. IBM Systems Director is based on industry standards and can report results to other tools. IBM Systems Director is a strategic platform management tool that grows with the needs of a business.

Key features of IBM Systems Director 6.1:

IBM Systems Director is the next generation platform mangement solution of IBM Director that can improve the total cost of ownership by decreasing management costs and improving the utilization of existing IT resources within a datacenter by eliminating the need to maintain multiple tools.

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