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Intended for companies that want to be inspired by new technological innovations

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The IBM Inspire Beyond Today's Technology magazine is intended for companies that want to be inspired by new technological innovations. IT is everywhere, but often people don’t realize it. Without IT a lot of companies would not exist and many products would not be made or streamlined. How IT can be used in an innovative manner becomes clear from the articles in the magazine. By giving insight on how new findings can be applied, the IBM magazine will appear twice a year Benelux-wide. The magazine contains case stories, background-stories, product innovations, columns and practical tips for businesses of all sizes.

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Engagement in a world of empowered individuals

We live in a changing world, where individuals are becoming increasingly empowered. We have more knowledge, more possibilities and we easily share our insights and experiences. Customers, employees, partners, … how do you keep all these individuals engaged? In this edition, you can read inspiring stories about the disruptive role of technology and what it brings us and demands of us. About the ‘as-a-service’ economy for example. And a self-learning supercomputer that answers questions and helps improve healthcare. The unlimited possibilities of the sensor web. Offering the ultimate fan experience through mobile and social media. Or enhancing the mobility in our cities and making a more accessible world for people with disabilities. And that is just a taste of the content. Enjoy your reading!

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