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The IBM Inspire Beyond Today's Technology magazine is intended for companies that want to be inspired by new technological innovations. IT is everywhere, but often people don’t realize it. Without IT a lot of companies would not exist and many products would not be made or streamlined. How IT can be used in an innovative manner becomes clear from the articles in the magazine. By giving insight on how new findings can be applied, the IBM magazine will appear twice a year Benelux-wide. The magazine contains case stories, background-stories, product innovations, columns and practical tips for businesses of all sizes.

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This edition

Bringing Big Data to your organization

Our IBM Global CEO Study 2012 found that companies able to draw meaningful insights from their data were twice as likely to have higher revenue growth and higher profits than their competitors. In this edition of the IBM Inspire Beyond Today’s Technology magazine, for example, you can read about IBM’s decades-long collaboration with scientists in the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI), a relationship that was founded from the beginning on data-processing needs. Elsewhere in the magazine, you can read how IBM recently recognized software start-up Lucipher in our “Mentor Day” contest, for their creative solution for storing and exchanging data securely in the cloud. In another academic opendata project, IBM has been helping the Flemish government to release the country’s university research in a linked open-data source – including all research content and its metadata, searchable and fully cross-referenced – thereby quickening the pace at which new insights can be made by other academics, and improving the country’s ROI on its publicly funded research. And, this summer, IBM Belgium has again given ‘Extreme Blue’ internships to 12 high-flying postgraduate students, enabling them to work directly with IBM clients; in all cases this year, their projects sought to help client organizations to capture, store, analyze and then use their essential data.