IBM Storwize Rapid Application Storage

An integrated solution that improves storage efficiency and application availability

As the world becomes more interconnected, instrumented and intelligent—and creates more and more information—we have no choice but to stop perpetuating existing infrastructure inefficiencies, many of which are related to storage. Companies must start relying on smarter information storage systems that can handle all of this information and manage it intelligently. To address these inefficiencies, IBM has considerable resources developing storage efficiency solutions based on a set of essential technologies.

Automated Tiering

Help reduce cost and improve access times by storing information more intelligently.


Enhance throughput and response time by reducing the amount of data processed.


Eliminate redundant data, increase agility and improve responsiveness to changing marketplace conditions.

Flexible delivery options

Consolidated, cloud-based flexible delivery models for storage can help you give your end users control of their storage needs – while improving accountability. Give departments the ability to provision storage to meet changing demands and developers the ability to set up systems to build and test applications while also maintaining system reliability.

Thin provisioning

Optimize the utilization of available storage by allocating storage space as needed while improving storage utilization rates significantly.

Virtualized storage

Logically aggregate disk storage so capacity can be efficiently allocated across applications and users.


With improved visibility into the data and data utilization in your storage environment, you can make more intelligent business decisions around efficiency - so that you respond faster to changing business demands while reducing cost.

Featured integrated solutions

IBM Storwize Rapid Application Storage

Introducing the IBM Storwize Rapid Application Storage, an integrated solution that improves storage efficiency and application availability

Real-time Compression Appliances

Introducing new storage efficiency technology for Network Attached Storage solutions. IBM Real-time Compression Appliance STN6500 and STN 6800 increase the efficiency of primary, active data, without slowing application performance.

IBM® Storwize® V7000

Introducing the IBM Storwize V7000 system, an innovative new storage offering that delivers essential storage efficiency technologies, exceptional ease of use and performance—all integrated into a compact, modular design that’s offered at a remarkably low price.

IBM System Storage® DS8800

New DS8800 model represents the 4th-generation high-end disk system for business-critical environments. Combining new hardware throughout with a proven, reliable architecture, the DS8800 offers faster system performance and higher capacity in the same footprint than prior models with new IBM POWER6+ controllers, 8 Gb/s host and device adapters, and 2.5-inch, SAS drives.

IBM System Storage® SAN Volume Controller v6.1

New user interface (UI) based on the XIV UI designed to make SVC even easier and more productive to use; enhancements to performance and cost with Easy Tier; scalability enhancements supporting up to 4x the number of disk systems enabling customers to virtualize larger environments.

IBM XIV® Storage System®

Now even greater integration for virtualized storage environments, further simplified and efficient management, and higher performance is enabled, delivering increased business value to enterprise storage environments.

IBM Tivoli Productivity Center

Simplify, automate, and optimize storage infrastructure: The IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center suite of storage infrastructure management tools can help customers reduce the complexity of managing their storage environments by centralizing, simplifying and automating storage tasks associated with storage systems, storage networks, replication services and capacity management. This advanced suite of tools can help improve storage TCO and ROI.

IBM® Systems Director Storage Control V4.2.1

A Systems Director Plug-In that enables comprehensive integrated management of storage devices along with server and network devices from the same unified simple point of control with integrated capabilities to discover, configure, visualize and monitor storage systems in concert with the rest of your infrastructure.

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