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Introducing IBM eX5 enterprise systems

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Workloads are growing, data is exploding, and memory-intensive applications need more than raw processing power, they need more memory to maximize performance. Enterprise X-Architecture allows System x and BladeCenter systems to boost performance and minimize licensing costs by de-coupling memory from the processor. This allows businesses to add memory as needed without necessarily adding servers.

IBM eX5 enterprise systems deliver extraordinary value and investment protection for enterprise-level virtualization, database, and transaction processing.


Roland Hagan, World Wide VP IBM System x Servers, discusses eX5, the next leap forward in x86 server architecture and design.

IBM eX5 systems benefits

Intel Xeon Powerful. Intelligent. Learn more

IBM eX5 enterprise systems, featuring the Intel® Xeon® processor 7500 series and Intel Xeon processor 6500 series, are designed to help your business:

  • toggle Maximize memory
  • toggle Minimize cost
  • toggle Simplify deployment

And all of the benefits in the eX5 portfolio of systems are easy to acquire, own and manage and include OnForever™ reliability for maximum availability.

IBM eX5 systems innovations include:

MAX5 – Unprecedented memory expansion with the external MAX5 memory chassis, decoupling server memory from system processors to allow you to optimize your server performance
eXFlash – Get dramatically faster I/O, with greater storage density and improved reliability
FlexNode – Gain the ability to re-deploy your server on a project-by-project basis for superior asset utilization and workload management
Scalability – Updating IBM’s innovative ‘pay-as-you-grow’ capability by enabling all eX5 servers to scale
Workload optimized systems – Delivering specific workload-tuned models to minimize your time to value by leveraging IBM’s industry expertise

Learn about the eX5 systems:

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