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BladeCenter S delivers big benefits for businesses

Feature stories

  • For distributed large enterprises

    Edison Group highlights how retailers streamline their IT infrastructures, and standardize their in-store POS, inventory and office systems
    among thousands of remote sites with IBM BladeCenter S.


  • For small and medium businesses

    Edison Group highlights how Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) simplifies their operating environment and reduces expenses with a virtualization solution running on IBM BladeCenter systems.

About IBM BladeCenter S

IBM BladeCenter® S is designed for everyday offices and distributed remote branches. This all-in-one chassis integrates blade servers, SAN storage, switching, and management into a single consolidated platform ideal for small, medium, and distributed enterprise customers. Running off standard office power and incorporating noise dampening and dust filters, the BladeCenter S can reside deskside in your office, without an expensive air conditioned raised-floor data center.

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IBM BladeCenter S - The all-in-one solution

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