Product Business use Processor
storage (Max)

IBM BladeCenter PS703 and PS704

The PS703 helps deliver superior business and IT services with agility and speed. When used with PowerVM™ for advanced virtualization, the PS703 is the ideal blade server solution for driving your most demanding performance and memory-intensive workloads. Thirty two 64-bit 2.4 GHz POWER7® cores with AltiVec SIMD and Hardware Decimal Floating-Point acceleration PS703 16 GB/128 GB
PS704 32 GB/256 GB
PS703 0 GB/600 GB HDD or 0 GB/400GB Solid State
PS704 0 GB/1.2 TB HDD or 0 GB/800GB Solid State

IBM BladeCenter S Chassis

IBM BladeCenter S Chassis

Business use: All-in-one chassis with integrated, high-performance SAN ideal for small offices and remote branch environments.

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