IBM BladeCenter Open Fabric

IBM BladeCenter® Open Fabric provides industry-leading SAS switch modules offering affordable, yet powerful 3Gbps SAN Storage for your BladeCenter systems. Developed by IBM and designed to provide flexible storage options for the whole IBM BladeCenter portfolio, this SAS I/O family provides unprecedented performance and ease of use to help your business run better.

SAS switch modules Product features Bandwidth Compatibility Management
IBM BladeCenter® S SAS RAID Controller Module

Enables a fully redundant Storage Area Network (SAN) within the BladeCenter S chassis. 4 external 3Gb ports. IBM BladeCenter S Chassis. Easy to use IBM Storage Configuration Manager (SCM) or CLI.
IBM BladeCenter® SAS Connectivity Module

Enables Pass-Thru functionality to connect to disks or tape backup from the BladeCenter chassis. 4 external 3Gb ports. Supports all BladeCenter Chassis. Easy to use IBM Storage Configuration Manager (SCM) or CLI.

SAS adapters and mezzanines Product features

SAS Connectivity Card (CIOv) for IBM BladeCenter

This adapter offers the ideal way to connect the HS22 blade server to a wide variety of SAS storage devices. Built on proven 3 gigabit per second, full-duplex, SAS technology, this adapter can connect to the IBM System Storage DS3200 from the BladeCenter E or H chassis and to the multiple disk storage module in the BladeCenter S chassis. The adapter's innovative combination form factor design allows usage of other I/O technologies simultaneously from the same blade server, such as additional Ethernet or Fibre Channel adapters.

ServeRAID-MR10ie (CIOv) Controller for IBM BladeCenter

Enables high-performance, battery backed-up cache for most flexibility. This adapter can be used for on-blade, on-chassis, or external storage attaching to blade servers. This adapter is ideal for Citrix workloads that demand high-performance from storage.

SAS Expansion Card (CFFv) for IBM BladeCenter

Provides each blade server with two high-speed, fully duplex, 3Gbps ports, while allowing flexibility for other I/O adapters from the blades.

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