IBM BladeCenter Open Fabric


Simplify blade deployment, re-deployment and expansion.

IBM BladeCenter® Open Fabric Manager software is designed to help you easily manage I/O and network interconnects by virtualizing network parameters such as the World Wide Name (WWN) and Media Access Control (MAC) addresses. When you replace a blade or failover from one blade in a chassis to another blade in a different chassis, the LAN and SAN configurations are not affected. Once installed, the utility is resident in the built-in Advanced Management Module (AMM) so you can pre-configure LAN and SAN connections - I/O connections are made automatically when you plug in a blade. No special tools or training are required; just manage with an easy-to-use Web-based user interface. And since this software can be deployed on both new and existing BladeCenter systems through firmware upgrades, you can protect your current BladeCenter investment and simplify I/O.

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