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BladeCenter E Chassis

IBM BladeCenter S Big benefits for the small office


With today's data centers growing and becoming more complex than ever before, enterprise organizations look for innovative answers that combine extreme density with energy efficiency for productive, low-cost solutions. IBM BladeCenter E delivers a powerful platform to meet these requirements; it integrates servers, storage, networking and applications so organizations can build robust IT infrastructures. The result is a data center packed with more operating horsepower that leaves a small carbon footprint.

Lower power usage

With its best-in-class energy-efficient design, BladeCenter E enables organizations to reduce power consumption without compromising processing performance. In fact, the system is 11% or more efficient in power and cooling compared to the HP c-Class chassis to run the same configuration in the data center.1 With these power savings, an organization can operate at full potential with lower energy costs—and can go green and save.

Product features

Hardware summary

1 Configuration notes: HS21 blade in BladeCenter E and BL460c in c-Class, both with two 2.66 GHz dual-core processors, 16 GB memory, dual Ethernet, one 36 GB SAS HDD. Power figures based on testing performance 04/14/2007—per-server power usage is Prime95 avg 4 thread. IBM = 256W, HP 289W.

Feature Benefits
Robust space-saving 7U chassis
IBM Cool Blue™ technology
Energy-efficient design
IBM Open Fabric
Powerful solutions management
High-availability midplane
Hot-swap, redundant management, switch, power supply and blower modules
Advanced server management
IBM Remote Deployment Manager
Light path diagnostics self-diagnosis panel
Predictive Failure Analysis
Airborne Contaminant Filter
3-year customer replaceable unit and onsite limited warranty

1 Requires separate chassis from other blade servers

2 Some servers are designed with a power management capability to provide customers with the maximum uptime possible for their systems. In extended thermal conditions, rather than shutdown completely, or fail, these servers automatically reduce the frequency of the processor to maintain acceptable thermal levels.

IBM BladeCenter E chassis at a glance
Form factor/height Rack-mount chassis/7U
Blade bays Up to 14
Switch modules Four switch module bays
Power supply module Up to four 2000 W or 2320 W (hot-swap and redundant with load-balancing and failover capabilities)
Cooling modules Two hot-swap and redundant blowers standard
Standard media Optional DVD multi-burner
Systems management hardware One Advanced Management Module standard; add an optional second module for redundancy
I/O ports Keyboard, video, mouse, Ethernet, USB
Systems management software Open and easy systems management and trial deployment tools
Light path diagnostics Chassis has LEDs for power status, location, over temperature, information and status indicators on both front and back. In addition power supplies, blade servers, management module, switch modules and blowers have light path diagnostics.
Limited warranty 3-year customer replaceable unit and onsite limited warranty
External storage Support for IBM System Storage™ solutions (including DS and Network Attached Storage (NAS) family of products) and many widely adopted non-IBM storage offerings

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