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IBM zEnterprise System. Mainframe software for LinuxIBM zEnterprise System. Mainframe software for Linux

Mainframe software for Linux

IT complexity, in the form of server sprawl, has become epidemic in today’s business environment, and the primary remedy is consolidation. While a variety of options is available, System z and Linux offer a uniquely powerful and comprehensive solution for virtualising, consolidating, managing and sharing resources with optimum efficiency.

It’s bigger, and smaller. As a larger scalable platform, Linux on System z can accommodate more applications, including technologies like Web 2.0 and Java. A single System z mainframe can scale up to millions of Web transactions per day, or scale out to manage tens to hundreds of virtual servers. Yet all this capacity comes in a smaller footprint, reducing space, energy and management costs.

Single-server simplicity. Having all your modern applications on the mainframe saves time as well as space. Through its advanced virtualisation and automation features, System z allows you to achieve higher resource utilisation, from a single point of control. With its faster provisioning capabilities, you can create and deploy virtual Linux servers in minutes rather than days, accelerating time to market. And communication among applications is smoother and faster on a single server.

Linux makes it easy to consolidate on System z. You can run multiple, heterogeneous workloads simultaneously and seamlessly, without cross-application conflict – resulting in higher quality of service.

While Linux brings advantages to all platforms, only Linux on System z adds the unrivaled core strengths of the mainframe. The ultimate result: better performance, higher efficiency, top-tier security, lower costs, and faster response to business needs.

Featured Whitepaper

Provisioning Linux on IBM System z with Tivoli Service Automation Manager

This IBM Redpaper document describes a methodology that Linux on IBM System z users can employ to perform system provisioning tasks while creating the system management infrastructure required for cloud computing. Cloud computing offers dynamically scalable IT resources, on demand self-service, network access, rapid up and down scalability, resource pooling, flexibility, and pay per use.

The paper outlines the use of a subset of IBM Tivoli Service Automation Manager functions for rapid installation (provisioning) and management of Linux on System z virtual servers. Tivoli Service Automation Manager software supports several of the Linux on System z distributions at one or more of the recent versions of these products.

Many companies face a rapidly changing IT landscape in which the information technology assets and environments require significant staff and budgets to install, configure, and manage. Tivoli Service Automation Manager can be used to rapidly create, configure, provision, and de-provision servers, thus saving time and reducing costs.

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