Private and hybrid cloud on IBM z

For the world’s most efficient, reliable and secure clouds


Why private and hybrid clouds on IBM z Systems?

For a competitive edge.

The combination of Cloud and IBM z Systems can enable the best of both worlds: enterprise grade scalability, reliability and security needed to run your business and the agility to respond to demands in the market.


Why hybrid cloud on IBM z?

Rapid development and deployment of next generation cloud workloads.

Whether you’re using an off-premises public cloud or an on-premises private cloud or a combination, IBM z provides the best protection, lowest security risk, high availability and superior performance for the best possible hybrid cloud solution. This means no worries when you need to connect your of Systems of Engagement to your Systems of Record and expose it as your cloud workload.

Secure cloud-to-mainframe connectivity with IBM Bluemix

New! IBM Bluemix and z Systems (US)

Go from idea to application in days and develop composable business services with ease.

API Management & z/OS Connect (US)

Easily access enterprise cloud services using common languages and open technologies. No z skills required.

Cloud services with agility and scale

17x more secure.
30% faster.

Differentiate your cloud services

Why private cloud on IBM z?

Faster response time. 100% uptime. Best security all the time.

Distributed systems have an inherent weakness. They are distributed. Horizontally scaling means many distributed systems sit unused. Unused means powering up, heating up, and cooling down — and taking up real estate in your data center.

A single IBM z mainframe can respond in nanoseconds with tremendous processor power to handle the largest application workload peaks without compromising service.

New! OpenStack Based Cloud Management (US)

A consistent set of standards-based tooling delivers unified control over public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures.

New! KVM for z Systems

This open source server virtualisation solution offers security, availability, scalability, and simplicity.

Be agile and powerful

with SoE and SoR in a cloud solution

Up to 8,000 virtual machines
in one system

World inside z

Cloud services with agility and scale

NY Municipal shared services

connects cities to fuel growth