The fast, agile, and resilient X6

If your business demands the highest performance in an x86 system, the IBM System x3950 X6 eight-socket server is designed to easily scale performance and manage large amounts of data reliably. Featuring IBM enterprise X-Architecture® innovations and Intel® Xeon® Processor E7 v2 families, applications can perform 100 percent faster1. And by replacing external SAN/NAS storage units with high-capacity internal IBM eXFlash memory-channel storage, you can also reduce infrastructure costs and complexity by up to 43 percent2.

As a result, the x3950 X6 server helps deliver better, more efficient business outcomes:

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Product details

1 100% performance improvement is based on preliminary results of SPECint*_rate_base2006, SPECfp*_rate _base2006, and TPC-E benchmarks, plus performance gains from eXFlash DIMM storage. SPEC and TPC benchmark results will be available at www.spec.org and www.tpc.org, respectively, after 2/18/14. Configurations: 4-socket x3850 X6 server using Intel Xeon processor E7-4890 v2 vs. 4-socket server using the previous top-of-the-line E7-4870 (v1).

2 Based on a 2:1 server consolidation from improved performance, and reduced hardware and licensing cost by replacing 28.8TB of external SAN with 3.2TB of internal eXFlash DIMM storage on the server, reducing top-of-rack switching and networking hardware, and managing performance with IBM FlashCache and Storage Accelerator software. Prices as of 2/18/2014.

3 x3850 X6 without eXFlash DIMMs can support up to 25.6TB of Flash storage using 16 x eXFlash 1.8” 400GB SSDs and 8 x 2.4TB MLC Duo Adapters. An x3850 X6 with eXFlash DIMMs can support up to an additional 12.8TB Flash storage leveraging 32 x 400GB eXFlash DIMMs for a total of 38.4TB) of flash storage in the server.

4 Laboratory testing shows eXFlash DIMMs can deliver 3 times lower latency (<5 microsecond) than PCIe based flash (15-19us).

5 When a newer generation of processor and memory technology becomes available, Compute Books can be replaced with newer ones. (All Compute Books must use matching technology.)

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