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Performance and capacity for midrange to high-end storage

IBM TotalStorage tape drives have the solution for your storage needs.

IBM System Storage TS1120 Tape Drive

The IBM System Storage™ TS1120 Tape Drive offers a tape solution with high capacity, fast access to data and long-term data retention. It is supported in IBM tape libraries, or frames that support stand-alone installations.

Cartridge capacity 1 Up to 2.1TB at 3:1 compression
Max drive data rate 104 MBps native data rate
Interface Supports both IBM ESCON® and FICON® attachment. Sharing drives optimises drive utilisation and helps to reduce infrastructure requirements

IBM System Storage TS2340 Tape Drive Express Model

The IBM System Storage™ TS2340 Tape Drive Express Model is an external drive incorporating the 4th and newest generation of IBM LTO™ technology. This is an external stand-alone or rack-mountable unit, similar to previous models of the IBM 3580 and is the entry point for the family of IBM Ultrium™ tape products. The TS2340 supports encryption of data and offers a 3 Gbps SAS connection. In addition, the TS2340 can read and write LTO Ultrium 3 Data Cartridges and read LTO Ultrium 2 Data Cartridges.

IBM System Storage 7212 Storage Device Enclosure Express Model

The IBM System Storage™ 7212 Express Model Storage Device Enclosure allows you to package the latest technology options in tape drives and a DVD-RAM optical drive in a low-profile, modular design for rack-mount or limited-space desktop applications.

Cartridge capacity
DAT72: 36GB Native Capacity; 72GB Compressed Capacity
VXA-2: 20GB, 40GB, 80GB Native
Capacity; 40GB, 80GB, 160GB Compressed Capacity
VXA-320: 40GB, 80GB, 160GB Native Capacity; 80GB, 160GB, 320GB Compressed Capacity
SLR60: 30GB, 37.5GB Native Capacity; 60GB, 75GB Compressed Capacity
SLR100: 50GB Native Capacity; 100GB Compressed Capacity
HHLTO-2: 200GB Native Capacity; 400GB Compressed Capacity
DVD-RAM: 4.7GB, 9.4GB Native Capacity; 14.1GB, 28.2GB Compressed Capacity
Max drive data rate DAT72: 6 MBps
VXA-2: 12 MBps
VXA-320: 24 MBps
SLR60: 8 MBps
SLR100: 10 MBps
HH LTO-2: 48 MBps
DVD-RAM: 2.77 MBps
Interface All drives offer SCSI-LVD U320

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  • Or call at : 1800 557 343
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