Why IBM Spectrum Storage?

New era hybrid cloud environments and cognitive applications are driving huge growth in data volumes, making data the new natural resource.

However, cost-effectively optimising your storage infrastructure while enabling new opportunities can strain your budget.

IBM Spectrum Storage solves this problem by simplifying your IT – to unlock the potential of your data and reduce your storage costs by as much as 50 percent.

Discover how this family of software-defined storage solutions can increase your business agility and efficiency in ways that weren’t possible until now.

IBM Spectrum Storage advantages

Enhancing storage speed and efficiency while simplifying migration to new workloads


Simplifies and integrates storage management and data protection across traditional and new applications.


Delivers elastic scalability with high performance for analytics, big data, social and mobile.

Hybrid cloud

Unifies silos to deliver data without borders with built-in hybrid cloud support.


Optimises data economics with intelligent data tiering – from Flash to tape and cloud.


Builds on open architectures and supports industry standards including OpenStack and Hadoop.

The best way to buy IBM Spectrum Storage software

IBM Spectrum Storage Suite gives you unlimited access to all members of the IBM Spectrum Storage software family with licensing on a flat, cost-per-TB basis to make pricing easy to understand and predictable as capacity grows.

Structured specifically to meet changing storage needs, including hybrid cloud, the suite is ideal for organizations just starting out with software-defined storage as well as those with established infrastructures who need to expand their capabilities.

Your comprehensive family of software-defined storage solutions