IBM System Storage Productivity Center 2805-MC3



IBM System Storage Productivity Centre (SSPC) is an integrated offering that provides a consolidated focal point for managing IBM storage products as well as managing mixed-vendor storage environments. SSPC provides enhancements to daily storage administration by making available a broad set of configuration functions.

SSPCs user-friendly interface provides utilities to configure storage devices and enhancements that offer a wide range of management capabilities.

SSPC combines the power of a customised IBM System x server with preinstalled storage software to provide a single point of centralised management. SSPC provides enhanced device utilities for easier, more intuitive, context-based administration. The solution helps reduce storage complexity and improve interoperability, which helps lower resource overhead. Key features include:

Supported devices:

Feature Benefits
IBM System Storage DS8000 support
IBM XIV support
IBM System Storage DS3000, DS4000 and DS5000 support
IBM System Storage TS3310 and TS3500 support
ESS Model 800 and Storwize V7000 support
Expanded toolset
Advanced topology viewer
Common console
Heterogeneous support
A console that can grow to include advanced capabilities that are provided via the appropriate licensed purchase
Configuration assistance
System Storage Productivity Centre -Supported Device Tivoli Storage Productivity Centre Tivoli Storage Productivity Centre for Replication SVC Console (GUI) CIM Agent Command Line Interface (CLI) DS Storage Manager (GUI)
DS3000 X          X
DS4000 X          X
DS5000 X          X
DS8000 X X    X   
XIV X            
TS3310 X            
TS3500 X            
SVC X X X      
ESS Model 800 X X    X   
Storwize V7000 X X         
SSPC 2805-MC5 Server Specifications
Form Factor Rack/1U
Processor Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® Westmere-EP E5630 (2.53 GHz/12MM-LLC DDR3 1066 MHz 80 W)
Number of Processors 1
Memory 8 GB
Internal Storage 2 × 2.5" Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Open Bay - Hard Disk Drive (HDD) (Redundant Array of Independent Disk (RAID) 1)
Optical Drive CD/DVD R/WR
Network Interface Broadcom 6708 Ethernet card
Operating System Microsoft® Windows® 2008 R2 64-bit Standard Edition
Second power supply   
Console Keyboard/Display Drawer   

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  • Or call at : 1800 557 343
    NZ clients call at : 0800 426 431
    Priority code : Storage

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