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To meet dynamic and growing business demands, DCs are evolving into highly virtualised environments with cloud-based architectures. This approach enables organisations to consolidate and simplify their IT resources, resulting in increased business agility and lower capital and operating expenses. However, enterprise DC must be able to keep pace with the changes driven by these increasingly virtualised workloads and storage resources. Selecting the right network is therefore key to realising the full benefits of these cloud-based architectures.

The IBM® System Networking SAN96B-5 switch is a high-density, purpose-built, foundational building block for large and growing storage area network (SAN) infrastructures. It is designed to provide highly resilient, scalable and simplified network infrastructure for storage. By delivering market-leading, Gen 5 FC technology and capabilities with 16 Gbps performance, SAN96B-5 meets the demands of growing, dynamic workloads; evolving, virtualised DCs; and highly virtualised, private and hybrid cloud storage environments.

Product features

Support for highly virtualised, private and hybrid cloud storage and DC consolidation with high scalability in an ultra-dense Gen 5 FC 96-port switch
“Pay-as-you-grow” flexibility using the Ports on Demand (PoD) feature
2, 4, 8, 10 or 16 Gbps speed on all ports
Advanced monitoring, diagnostics and reliability, availability and serviceability(RAS)
DC-to-DC security and bandwidth savings
Support for the latest hot aisle/cold aisle configurations
Optimised link and bandwidth utilisation
Comprehensive management of DC fabrics, including configuration, monitoring and management of IBM b-type backbones, switches and adapters

Hardware summary

Feature Benefits
16 Gbps performance with up to 96 ports in a 2U enterprise-class FC SAN switch
2, 4, 8, 10 or 16 Gbps speed on all ports
PoD capability for scaling from 48 to 96 ports in 24-port increments
Flexible, high-speed 16 Gbps and 8 Gbps optics
Advanced monitoring, diagnostics and RAS
Up to eight in-flight encryption and compression ports
Product characteristics
Product number 2498-F96 / 2498-N96
Base fabric switch Components:
Two power distribution unit (PDU) jumpers, fixed rack-mount rail kit, install guide hard copy, EZSwitchSetup, CD-ROM (with manuals), service tools, RJ-45 wrap tools, wrist strap and small form-factor pluggable (SFP) extraction tool (no SFPs included in base switch), two integrated power supplies, and three redundant fan modules with reversible airflow options: non-port-side to port-side (2498-F96) and port-side to non-port-side exhaust (2498-N96)
Advanced Web Tools, Advanced Zoning, Enhanced Group Management, Full Fabric, Virtual Fabrics, Adaptive Networking and Server Application Optimisation
Operating system:
Fabric OS (v7.1 or later)
FC interfaces Auto-sensing of 2, 4, 8 or 16 Gbps port speeds; 10 Gbps and optionally programmable to fixed port speed diagnostic port (D_Port), E_Port, EX_Port, fabric port (F_Port), mirror port (M_Port); optional port type control
Hot-swap components Power supplies, fan modules, SFPs
Nonrack support Non-rack installation is supported; country-specific power cords are required and must be ordered separately
Management software HTTP, SNMP v1/v3 (FE MIB, FC Management MIB), Secure Shell (SSH) v2; Auditing, Syslog; Advanced Web Tools, Advanced Performance Monitoring, Fabric Watch; IBM Network Advisor v12.0 or later; CLI; SMI-S compliant
Servers supported*
Operating systems supported*
Storage products supported*
FC switches supported System Storage and IBM TotalStorage b-type and m-type SAN directors, switches and routers; other directors, switches and routers manufactured by Brocade
Fibre optic cable Fibre optic cables with LCs are required and available in various lengths in single- and multi-mode formats
Power cords Jumper cables are included for installation; country-specific power cords must be ordered for desktop/standalone installation
Warranty One year; customer-replaceable unit (CRU) and onsite; next-business-day response, warranty service upgrades are available
Optional features SFPs; fibre optic cables; upgraded power supplies; 24-port Activation, Advanced Performance Monitor, Fabric Watch, Enterprise Advanced Bundle**, Extended Fabrics, Integrated Routing, Trunking Activation, Integrated 10 Gbps Fibre Channel Activation
Physical characteristics
Size Width: 42.93 cm (16.90 in.)
Height: 8.67 cm (3.42 in.)
Depth: 60.98 cm (24.01 in.)
Weight 16.92 kg (37.3 lb) with two power supply field-replaceable units (FRUs), without transceivers
Operating environment
Temperature (operating) 0°C – 40°C (32°F –104°F)
Humidity (operating) 10% – 85% (non-condensing)
Altitude (operating) Up to 3,000 m (9,842 ft)
Airflow 109 cu ft/min.

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